You may not realise it but safely guarding all your emails that include your passwords is a very bad idea.

Imagine that your computer is stolen. The thief accessed your email inbox simply by clicking on Outlook, or going to Gmail, hotmail etc. Because, of course, for easy access and because you don’t think of this as a shared computer (right now in this scenario it is though), your passwords for entry to these places is saved.

Once in your inbox, a simple search on the word “password” will bring up untold emails unless you are one of the very few who delete these type of reminder and registration emails, and store passwords in a much safer place away from the computer.

It may be your registration to Amazon (it turns out the thief could really do with some new DVDs), or to the admin area of a client site (s/he really fancies changing a few things on that website you have worked so hard on), or your blog (you *know* you didn’t write that post), or one of any number of sites you have been sent the password to.

Try it now. And then put those passwords somewhere much safer and delete the emails!

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