Client expectations are the biggest challenge for search engine optimisation (SEO) companies, according to one search marketing expert.

Often clients do not understand how SEO works and will expect top rankings despite their site being nothing more than a company brochure, writes Joel Carlson on

As search engine strategist for Bitwise Logic, Mr Carlson believes that one method of marketing a website is to identify the needs of site visitors, develop the tools they need and then give them the application for free.

This, he claims this will establish the site as an authority in the field and generate enough internet marketing through online discussion and word of mouth that customers will return time and again.

"It may seem counter-productive to spend money to create a useful tool and then give it away, but on the internet, free things make money," he says.

"The viral marketing effect on the internet is capable of reaching far more potential customers than any company can afford to pay for."

Bitwise Logic is an information technology services company based in Eden Prairie Minnesota that works in web design, development, e-commerce, and database solutions.

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