An article published on has criticised the attitude taken towards social media marketing. With it, a lack of a fundamental understanding of ‘public relations, marketing, corporate communications and sales’ is also lamented.

Entrepreneur has pointed out a number of misconceptions when it comes to utilising social media marketing:

  • Size matters: Although levels of success may be measured by some small businesses via the number of ‘likes’ their page gains. – What they don’t realise is that the quality of those actually ‘liking’ the page matters greatly. Just because people ‘like’ a page and see the business message it doesn’t necessarily mean they are buying – which is ultimately the main aim.
  • Medium is the message: The message is and always has been the most important factor – not the technology or the platform used to promote it. A solid message carries more weight with people than the medium it’s being broadcast on.
  • Social media is ‘new’ media: Social media may be relatively new but media is media, at some point television and the internet were once considered new, now they’re thought of as ‘traditional’. Social media isn’t to be feared as something only the young can operate successfully. But without foundation knowledge of basic marketing, combined with the considered business goals of ‘traditional’ marketing, success just isn’t possible.

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