Adam Price, search engine optimisation (SEO) expert and winner of the Five Counties Business Awards Entrepreneur of the Year 2007, has advised internet marketers on some of the key points to site improvement.

In an article for, Mr Price offers hints and tips such as limiting the amount of Flash on a site and never attempting to fool search engines with hidden text, but admits that when it comes to good SEO "content is king".

"It is in the search engines best interest to highly rank websites that people will actually like and gain benefit from, so make sure you provide enough content to make it worth while for people to visit," he states.

He adds that a website of only five or less would not be classified as a valid source of information and is likely to be looked over by the big search engines.

One other area Mr Price warns against is irrelevant links which, he claims, will easily spotted by the likes of Google and is often "frowned upon" by the industry.

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