Content Assets

Brand engagement is driven by high-quality content assets. Your content marketing strategy should deliver content that informs, is emotive, makes people laugh or answers common questions.

Your online and downloadable content assets are key elements in driving conversion. Our experts here at ClickThrough can help you use them to create a two-way conversation with your customers. Gated content, such as eBooks and white paper reports, are invaluable for growing contact lists when used to good effect, while blog posts, infographics and videos can spread the message further through social engagement beyond your site.

Experienced Content Assets Creation

ClickThrough offers a wide range of content assets created by our in-house team of qualified journalists and writers, film makers and designers, SEO experts and social media strategists. Our content assets creation services include:

  • On-page content, blogs and news articles – to entertain, inform and engage
  • eBooks, white papers and reports – designed to offer industry insight and expertise
  • Infographics – to present simplified complex data and processes that is visually stimulating and socially engaging
  • Case studies and testimonials – underline your competitive positioning and endorse your product or services
  • Video content marketing – to provide instructions and demonstrations, or to entertain and engage

On-page Content

Never underestimate the value of good quality content. As your content marketing agency, our team of qualified journalists and copywriters can craft high-quality website content optimised to drive search results, lead generation and conversion.

Your website is your shop window, so make sure it is enticing enough to encourage people to come in, walk around and hopefully make a purchase.

Good quality content sells, great content sells more.

Blogs and News Articles

Blogs are a great way to continually engage with your customers, to make your website more searchable and more socially engaging. However, keeping a blog updated with great content on a daily basis is a time-consuming job. Let our team of qualified journalists and copywriters take up the mantle and ensure that your blog supports your content marketing strategy, boosts keywords on your site, shares your expertise and engages with your customers.

Search engines love fresh content, and a blog is the perfect way to ensure your site stays topical.

As well as providing a blog writing service our team of qualified journalists can also support your website with company and industry news. We will find all the hot topics related to your field and create a news feed, with RSS, on your site. By regularly updating your news pages your site could get included in Google News, further improving your site’s value.

eBooks, White Papers and Reports

eBooks and white papers are a great way to establish your authority and, as gated content, can prove a valuable lead generation exercise. On average, 80% of customers are willing to register for a white paper – that’s a valuable marketing commodity.

Our team of experienced writers, designers and marketing gurus will create engaging digital publications that will keep your customers engaged and nurture sales.

By integrating eBooks and white papers with email marketing, social strategy and conversion-optimised landing pages, you can generate thought-provoking content that will convert your customers into brand ambassadors.


The majority of us are visual learners, so what better way to grab your customer’s interest that via an infographic?

Our team of experienced writers and graphic designers can turn your statistics into stories, transforming fact into powerful, sharing content. Infographics are social fuel, they are one of the most readily shared pieces of content a company can produce, which makes them a fabulous way to grow your brand profile on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. What’s more, they can generate some great backlinks too – boosting your website’s search rankings.

Case Studies

Has your company achieved something spectacular that you want to shout about? It could be fulfilling your largest ever order, going above and beyond to meet a customer’s requirements, record results or tackling an unusual customer request. All of these are great reasons to create a case study.

Case studies show off your expertise. They showcase what you can do, and how you do it. As your content marketing agency we will research and create case studies that are informative, engaging and socially shareable.

Video Content Marketing

YouTube is widely regarded as the second largest search engine in the world, and with good reason. Video is a powerful entertainer and informer.

Our video production specialists can help you create a professional corporate video production that will provide evergreen content for years to come. Throw out the corporate brochure and get creating, and entertain your customers with your creative video marketing strategies.

Of course, it doesn’t always have to be corporate. Video marketing is a great way to add fun to your brand personality.

PR & Outreach Services

All of the above can be further promoted using our PR & Outreach services, designed to put your content in front of those who have a genuine interest in your product or services. We will help you build a network of journalists and influencers ready to talk about your product and then tailor your message to them for optimal results. Strong PR and outreach activities will improve your online visibility, drive lead generation and conversion.

Your content marketing plan should include a mix of topical and evergreen content that does not expire. For more on creating a content plan download our white paper report on Editorial Calendars for Content Marketing.

For further content marketing ideas see our inbound marketing and content management pages, or contact us online.

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