Content Management

Your online and downloadable content is one of your most valuable assets. It drives customer engagement, is a powerful tool in customer retention, and a vital component in conversion. Used effectively, content management will build your brand awareness, strengthen brand reputation and heighten brand positioning.

Content management is about understanding what assets you have and knowing how best to use them and when. Our team of content marketing experts can show you how to:

  • Maximize existing assets
  • Plan and create new and targeted content
  • Fill the gaps in your marketing funnel
  • Guide your clients through the buyer journey to increase leads and sales

Conducting a Content Audit

Many companies hold a wealth of material that can be used for their content marketing strategy, but they just don’t realise it. The content management team at ClickThrough is experienced at conducting content audits. Designed to unearth hidden content gems, our audit process will show you what information you hold, and what can be repurposed or repackaged for content marketing.

The beauty of content marketing is that many of the topics you cover are evergreen. This means that they can be continually updated, repurposed or repackaged. For example, sections of your product catalogue may create an informative blog, while training and HR resources may feed into a white paper outlining industry best practices.

Creating Buyer Personas

Defining your buyer personas is an essential starting point for any content management strategy. If you don’t have a clear idea of who you are talking to, it is very hard to craft a targeted message.

Our buyer persona analysis will enable you to clearly define your buyer personas, helping you to deliver content to tap into their needs and desires.

We will identify your various buyer personas, find their desires and pain points, ascertain their personality traits and lifestyle factors, and help you identify what content types, messages and calls to action will appeal to them.

Content Ideation

Once you’ve audited your content assets and defined your buyer personas you are ready to start your content ideation. This is the process of creating ideas for your content. It might be topics for a blog, a series of eBooks or white papers, press releases for media outreach, or social-sharing opportunities such as infographics.

Our team of content writers can guide you through the content ideation process, with our Content Ideation & Strategy Planning session – a process that brings together our expertise in SEO, content, social and inbound marketing to help you discover and optimise content opportunities.

Content Mapping

Website content mapping lets you talk directly to your customer. It is about tailoring your message to best suit your buyer personas and their stage in the buying cycle. Our team of content specialists have years of experience in mapping out content to increase leads and eCommerce sales.

First, we will perform keyword research for each of your URLs. Then we will produce SEO-optimised, before then writing. This is a great project for providing targeted content and for avoiding content cannibalization, as it gives each URL a keyword focus.

Content Calendars

You have your content ideas, know who you are talking to and how and when to approach them – all that is left is to populate a content calendar. Planning your content strategy will streamline the whole process, ensuring it is more targeted and, therefore, more successful.

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