When creating content, firms looking to improve their search engine optimisation (SEO) should aim to create a buzz and get people talking.

This is according to a blog entry on Smarta.com, which suggested that firms are more likely to get readers to link to content if it is interesting and creates a topic for discussion.

Commenting on how to format items, the blogger said: "Keep it simple and focus on creating discussion. What gets people talking will get them linking."

He also suggested encouraging user-generated content, allowing those who access the content to voice their opinion on it, which he asserted can help to "foster links of their own".

Firms considering using internet marketing services might also heed the advice of the writer to use social media to send content to potential readers faster than through traditional search pages and blog posts.

This comes after Econsultancy's Kevin Gibbons said a blog can be a useful tool when developing an SEO campaign.

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