The founders of Youtube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, have acquired from Yahoo!

All existing users are being asked to sign in to the service to give permission for bookmarks to be transferred to the new AVOS set-up.

Social bookmarking continues to be an important feature for many, and can also influence your rankings on the search engines. Recent additions to Delicous have included being able to tweet or email your bookmarks directly from the bookmarklet on your toolbar, as well as sending all URLs referenced on Twitter directly to Delicious through apps such as

Undoubtedly, the new owners will add yet more functionality to ensure that Delicious continues to play a role in both social media and social media marketing. However, the leaked Yahoo! announcement at the tail end of last year that the service was to enter a “sunset” phase saw many users jump ship to services such as SpringPad, YourVersion,, and Zootool.

Delicious may need to work hard to attract users back by differentiating from the new social bookmarking and online notepad start-ups, which now offer a multitude of different solutions to the task of saving all your content into the cloud.

Which social bookmarking tool do you use, why, and will you be using the AVOS version of Delicious?

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