Companies selling video games and consoles may think that targeting their internet marketing campaigns at younger audiences is the best approach.

But according to Noah Belson, content quality analyst at Yahoo!, advertisers should remember that middle-aged consumers also enjoy playing them.

In a post on the Yahoo! Search Marketing blog, he said research from Nielson shows that the average age of the video gamer has increased in recent years.

"If you’re an advertiser who sells video games, you may be missing out on a huge audience if you only target children and teens in your ads," he remarked.

He said it is therefore important to create internet marketing campaigns that speak to adults as well as teenagers.

For example, campaigns focusing on low price offers may be more attractive to adult gamers, while ads designed for special occasions such as Father’s Day may also appeal to the older generation.

"Simply put, your audience is bigger than you thought," explained Mr Belson.

Meanwhile, a recent survey by Practical eCommerce has shown that pay per click marketing is seen as the most effective form of web advertising by online retailers.

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