Following a recent respite eBay has announced that it will continue to advertise with Google.

The auction website pulled its advertising from the search engine for a ten day period last week which it claims to have done for marketing reasons.

However, reports that the reason for this temporary departure from Google could relate to an ongoing feud over the eBay’s reluctance to integrate Google’s new online payment facility Google Checkout on their site.

Speaking to Reuters, eBay spokesman Hani Durzy said: "From our point of view, it was a very successful test, we learned a lot, including that we are not as dependent on Google Adwords as some may have thought."

Mr Durzy confirmed that eBay had returned to Google but added: "I will tell you it will be in a much more limited way than it was before."

Last week the New York Post warned that the move could spread further, with other companies challenging Google’s dominance of the market.

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