One paid search specialist has highlighted two new features that "every PPC manager should try".

Melissa Mackey of Search Engine Watch said the first new tool that could boost pay per click marketing is Google's Campaign Experiments.

Originally launched in beta form in June, the feature was rolled out to all US advertisers last month.

It allows marketers to test and assess the impact of changes to keywords, ad placements, ad groups and bids.

"Results are displayed in the interface so you can immediately gauge the effect of your test," Ms Mackey noted.

Elsewhere, August saw Facebook introduce a new feature for its pay per click services – broad age match.

This allows advertisers to expand the age of users targeted by their campaigns.

If, for example, a brand has set an age range of 25 to 34 for its marketing messages, enabling broad age match will ensure ads are displayed to both 24 and 35-year-olds.

Ms Mackey said that like broad matching option for keywords in traditional paid search, this gives brands a "reasonably efficient way of casting a wide net".

The expert recently recommended that marketers carry out extensive testing on Facebook paid search ads, as the messages will be repeated to the same audience more times than they would be through a search engine.

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