Companies using pay per click services have been offered some tips to help them boost the return on their investment through Microsoft adCenter.

Writing on the adCenter for Advertisers Blog, Microsoft search account manager Jeremy Lamothe said pay per click advertising is continuing to grow, despite difficult economic conditions.

He advised internet marketing teams to include no more than 20 keywords per ad group when assigning search terms to their campaigns, as this will make them more relevant to users based on their search queries.

In addition, he recommended applying geographic and demographic targeting to ad groups to increase clickthrough rates and minimise costs, while building a strong quality score.

Other basic tips include testing ad copy with adCenter, bidding on all keyword match types and adding or updating negatives based on news and current events.

"It is important to update negatives frequently as current events can affect performance," he explained.

Writing on the SEOmoz blog recently, Randy Pickard, vice-president for product innovation at research firm User Centric, said internet marketers should not overlook the importance of display URLs when using pay per click services.

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