A good way to give search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies a boost is to consider the factors that website crawlers or spiders examine when indexing sites.

This is according to entrepreneur Dawn Gibbins, who wrote on realbusiness.co.uk that engines such as Google and Yahoo! compile their search listings by sending spiders to look at websites for key elements such as keywords, relevant content and inbound links.

Creating a spider-friendly site could involve adding a frequently updated news page to ensure that there is fresh content on the website at least once a month, while making appropriate use of keywords and key phrases and submitting site links to online business directories could also reap rewards for marketers, Ms Gibbins stated.

She also warned against frowned-upon SEO techniques, such as utilising link farms – sites that contain nothing but links to other sites.

"Google is much too sophisticated to fall for black hat techniques and punishes sites that use them," Ms Gibbins stated.

Ambroise Fensterbank of Google recently wrote on the search engine’s Inside AdSense blog that unique and engaging content can do much to prompt spiders to look at the website more often.

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