Companies investing in internet marketing may wish to take note of a new list which sets out the five most common mistakes made by web advertisers

Writing on the Yahoo! Search Marketing blog, Kastle Waserman, communications manager of advertiser solutions at the company, said many of the same mistakes are made over and over by marketers when setting up their accounts.

The first is using geo-modified keywords in geo-targeted campaigns, which can lead to reduced traffic as a geo-targeting mismatch will prevent ads from being displayed.

Many advertisers also duplicate keywords across ad groups or campaigns, which can result in higher costs per click for pay per click marketing campaigns and lower quality index scores.

Jumping the gun is also a common error, as marketers do not give their ads and keywords a chance to work before altering them, as is putting phone numbers in ads, which can have a negative impact on clickthrough rates.

Finally, marketers should avoid bidding on the same keywords as their competitors. Mr Waserman explained: "Doing this will result in your irrelevant keywords being removed by our guidelines review team and could have legal consequences as well."

Meanwhile, Charlie Buchwalter, an analyst at Nielsen Online, has predicted that spending on internet marketing will continue to grow and outperform other forms of media when the economy starts to recover.

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