Facebook surpassed Google as the most visited website among US internet users for the first time in the week ending March 13th, according to the latest data from Hitwise.

The social network, which is seen as a potentially serious threat to Google’s dominance of online marketing services, also reached the top spot on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and over the weekend of March 6th to 7th.

In the seven days to March 13th, Facebook’s market share of visits was 185 per cent higher year-on-year. Over the same period, Google’s share of visits increased by nine per cent.

Taken together, the two sites accounted for 14 per cent of all visits to websites by US internet users during the week.

News site All Facebook recently reported that the site plans to challenge Google in the pay per click marketing arena by tagging ads with "interests and likes" rather than keywords.

Brian Boland, the social network’s manager of direct response solutions, said the move will allow marketers to target potential customers through their online social activity, rather than relying on measuring their "intent" from search engine queries.

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