Take a look at your website.

On every page, and every piece of great content, how many ways of sharing that content do you have? None? One? Many?

Do you make it easy for a site visitor to send out a link to that content? Can they tweet it, add it to Digg, Facebook, delicious? Is there a retweet or reblog button? Is there an RSS feed to syndicate the content not just to RSS readers, but also to sites that accept RSS feeds? Have you added your RSS feed to sites who cater for your target audience? Is your blog RSS feed listed everywhere it can be? Are you on authoritative blogs’ blogrolls? Can your video content be embedded in other people’s sites?

Do you make all of the above as easy as clicking a mouse?

Take a look  at this video (which is quite amusing!) and note the simplicity of sharing the video, embedding it on your own site, tweeting, adding to facebook, digging etc.

Is your content this easy to share? Or are you still manually seeking out valuable links rather than letting your users do it for you?

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