Businesses have been urged to consider the various ways in which they can maximise their search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies.

According to Mike Grehan of the ClickZ Network, marketers should consider new ideas as well as using the tried and tested SEO basics when implementing a digital campaign.

Reporting from the ad:tech Singapore event, Mr Grehan said that question-and-answer sessions at the conference yielded a number of interesting ideas for marketers to try in their own work.

The first of these is the notion that to make an SEO campaign a success, it is vital for companies to speak the same language as their target audience by conducting thorough research into relevant keywords and integrating these into ads, websites and links.

Another major point highlighted by Mr Grehan was the need to integrate offline and online marketing to maximise returns. He warned against a silo mentality and urged firms to use keywords also utilised in offline ads.

It is also vital to test and optimise landing pages for those visiting websites from search engines and to find out which tests work best for different types of pages, Mr Grehan urged.

And when it comes to analysing the success of SEO strategies, it may be best to use a customised reporting tool that does not provide more information than is needed by the marketer, he added, explaining that many of the best applications can be configures to align with firms’ business goals.

According to Eric Enge of Search Engine Watch, it is important for marketers to follow search engine rules on how they deem certain sites to be trustworthy or not by looking at issues such as duplicate content and pages that may look like spam.

He also noted that regularly delivered fresh content can also work wonders for SEO marketing campaigns.

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