Inside Adsense blog has just announced that the previously ‘exclusive club’ of adsense for domains has been opened up to all. As ever, the blogosphere is humming with Google bashing opinions as well as loud cheers from those with many parked domains.

Some feel that it will just contribute to the amount of junk showing up in the SERPs, whilst others are cynical about Google’s motivation (ie it’s all about making more money). Yet others are concerned about how this could cost the advertisers a lot of PPC cash in unworthy clicks.

Additionally, there are those who are concerned about the fact that Google has gone into competition with many of the domain parking companies, who frequently share a percentage of any revenue from parked domains. This could potentially have a huge impact on those companies and their ad revenue if the main competition is such a giant as Google and parkers decamp.

Meanwhile, many who have considerable numbers of parked domains are looking forward to increased revenue from ads showing on those domains.

All in all, it is wait and see time. How will this pan out? And will it matter in the greater scheme of things?

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