The iGoogle homepage has been redesigned with some new social features added to the site.

Google’s internet marketers have added a further 19 social gadgets to its page, allowing users to share and play games with friends while retaining all iGoogle’s previous functionalities. The new homepage is meant to be both more useful to users as well as being more fun.

Writing on the Google blog, Marissa Mayer, vice-president of search products and user experience, commented that users can now see what each other is doing via a new feed called Updates or by having the same gadgets as their network on their homepages.

The programme now has over 60,000 gadgets in its directory and Ms Mayer is hopeful that the company’s web developers will soon add to the collection of social gadgets for iGoogle.

Google’s Chrome browser was recently updated with the release of a new beta that improves efficiency and which allows individual users to personalise their pages through the addition of new colours and themes.

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