Search giant Google has introduced a new voice search feature to its Chrome browser.

The change will allow users to click a button and speak directly into a microphone in their PC, rather than manually type in search terms.

The technology was previously only available to mobile phone users.

The feature is currently only available on Chrome, and users will need a microphone built-into their computer, or a headset with microphone function, to make it work.

The voice search query works much like a normal Google search – but has some interesting features, such as being able to ask mathematics questions, with Google immediately providing the correct answer.

Whilst the speak-out-loud feature is unlikely to catch on in busy offices, it does represent a step towards the periphery-free computer interface – along with touch-screen technology – which could eventually remove the need for a keyboard or mouse.

The change could also affect search engine optimisation techniques, as users could streamline their search terms in the spoken rather than written word.

Google is expected to release extensions to allow voice search on other browsers soon.

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