Search giant Google has announced that it is to start displaying ads alongside full text articles that are hosted on Google News.

In an official blog post, Josh Cohen, business product manager at the company, said Google has been experimenting with internet marketing on its news section for some time.

He explained that when web users click on a hosted news article they will see "contextually relevant" ads displayed underneath the main story.

"We’re always looking for ways to work with publishers to help them distribute, promote and earn revenue from their content, whether they maintain their own destination website or not," he remarked.

The move comes after Google launched interest-based advertising as a beta test on its partner sites and on YouTube.

It will use data on the web browsing habits of its users to display targeted ads that are relevant to individual interests.

Consumers will also be able to edit their own profiles, removing any topics they do not wish to receive advertising on and adding any they do.

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