Google is dominating the pay per click (PPC) field in numbers and sales conversion quality, according to Search Engine Land.

The site published results for the top three search engines earlier this week and found that Google came out with a larger number of clicks and good returns.

It was revealed that Microsoft offered strong PPC conversion at a competitive price, but recorded very low volume.

Yahoo! on the other hand, was good for numbers but lacking in quality.

The research showed that "Yahoo!’s weak sales per click stems from both lower conversion and lower average order values."

It was also suggested that as "most retailers care about sales dollar volume, not sales item volume . . . Google and Microsoft searchers are more likely to purchase multiple items per order than Yahoo! searchers."

Earlier this week Sitewire, a US online marketing company, announced the introduction of its second marketing and media school.

The course will cover areas such as organic search marketing, pay per click, industry research, copywriting, email marketing, online advertising and internet trends.

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