Google has issued its latest round of advice for internet marketers through the AdWords Content Network Optimisation University.

Writing on the official blog of the pay per click marketing service, Katrina Kurnit said that investing some time to set up a campaign correctly "goes a long way" towards driving better quality traffic to a website.

She added that companies should set up separate strategies for search and Content Network promotions, as this will afford them more control over keywords, bids, daily budgets and ad groups.

Ms Kunit also advised marketers to build up small, "tightly-themed" ad groups comprising between five and 20 keywords to help AdWords better target their marketing messages at the right audience.

Furthermore, using AdWords Conversion Tracking on a website can help businesses to measure the leads and sales each ad group and placement is generating, she said.

In related news, AdWords has introduced a "remarketing" feature that allows companies to specifically target users who have previously visited their site with relevant ads such as last minute discounts as they browse the Google Content Network.

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