Google Profiles are useful for individuals looking for a chance to ensure that the correct personal information is out there, for self-promotion, and to protect your identity. We have seen many people lose their ‘names’ to cybersquatters etc on Twitter and elsewhere, so this is now your chance to ensure that you can be found on Google products. It’s a good opportunity for entrepreneurs, small business people, actors and so on who may be as well known by their name as their company, roles etc.

It would be interesting to know whether these have been set up to counter the growing trend for libellous and malicious attacks on people using SEO. There has been a noticeable increase in the number of questions on SEO forums about how to stop malicious SERPS about individuals over the last year or two. However, on the other hand there are bound to be questions about whether this is an invasion of privacy if Google auto-collates info about people from FB, Twitter, Google products etc.

Currently, it seems to be on mainly US serps but this is no doubt a testbed for a global launch so fill out your profile today. If you don’t feel it is too Big Brother!

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