Google has taken aim at more of the “myths” surrounding the use of keywords.

Writing on the Inside AdWords blog, Dan Friedman said one of the most common misconceptions about the terms in the context of its pay per click marketing service is that conversion rates will affect quality score.

This has tempted some brands to set an “easy conversion event” on their landing pages in a bid to artificially boost their score.

In fact, he noted, as conversions have no impact on a quality score, this will only make it harder for advertisers to accurately measure the value of their investment.

Another common myth is that AdWords’ keyword tool suggests phrases that should be used in ads.

Mr Freidman said it actually provides analysis of related queries that may benefit a campaign, but does not make any recommendations.

“You should always assess the tool’s results in the context of your advertising goals,” he added.

Finally, he said using upper and lower case letters will not, as some believe, make any difference to campaigns as AdWords makes no distinction between the two.

Previously, Mr Friedman had said that increasing spending on pay per click services will not boost natural search results.

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