Some of the benefits of Google's new Keyword Tool have been highlighted to search engine optimisation firms.

Writing for Search Engine Watch, Paul Burani advised marketers are now able to use the technology to work out how much of their search traffic comes from mobile devices.

He explained there is a difference between the searches conducted by people on laptops or PCs and those carried out on a phone.

Some of the variants include query language, search intent, context and screen or browser limitations, Mr Burani continued.

He said it is "about time" marketers had a tool that allowed them to analyse these aspects with precision.

The expert noted that although there has been some criticism of the new Keyword Tool, it still offers many benefits.

Inside AdWords crew member Jason Shafton announced the launch of the new feature on the Inside AdWords blog at the end of last month, stating that it combined two previously separate programs – Keyword Tool and Search-based Keyword Tool.

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