Website optimisation can be a time-consuming process, especially if a site has thousands of individual pages, so harnessing users’ social content will become crucial in boosting a brand’s online profile.

This is according to Brian Klais of Search Engine Land, who said that such "crowdsourcing" techniques can do for search engine marketing what the flux capacitor did for the DeLorean in Back to the Future – provide a dynamo for propelling it into a different era.

It is simply a question of adjusting the definition of social content and what it can do for a website.

User reviewers have already established themselves as a useful boost to search optimisation, but many brands overlook the potential benefits of adding a "top search query" list showing actual searches conducted by visitors, with links to the associated landing page.

Elsewhere, marketers could add the keywords that visitors used to find their site through organic search listings to their most important page elements to match their site to the "voice of the customer" while also increasing the relevance of their content.

Last week, Josh Dreller of Search Engine Land said marketers increasingly need to use modifiers to increase the range of keywords available to them, while also identifying niche products consumers are looking for.

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