Certain tricks employed to help a website climb the search engine rankings could result in that site being disqualified, according to one expert.

Imran Zafar, writing for PromotionWorld, said that some of the most common ways that a site can find itself banned from a search engine are the use of hidden text, unrelated advertising, loading keywords and multiple domains.

Mr Zafar, who is this the chief executive of Anghus, refers to the example of Google, which warns those planning their search engine optimisation strategy to avoid hidden text, deceptive cloaking and doorway pages.

"When considering whether a site should be banned there is one common aspect that a majority of web crawlers take into account. How does the possible infraction relate to the intent of the site in question?" he asked.

Last month, David Bain of Purple Internet Marketing claimed that website designers make a number of errors at the formative stage that can hamper the search engine optimisation of a site, including the use of incorrect keyword phrases, wrong page titles and a lack of heading tags.

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