As far as pay per click services on the Internet go, Google AdWords is the dominant force.

But bidding for keywords at a higher price on the service doesn’t always provide a greater advantage however.

Founder of ROI Advisors, Frank Rumbauskas, states that: “Unlike other pay-per-click engines where the bid price is the sole factor in determining ad position, Adwords includes many factors that really give a small business a chance against bigger players.”

He goes on to suggest three ways in which a high click-through rate can be achieved:

Include Keyword Macros: A common feature in AdWords, this allows for adverts to be created so that a user’s search phrase features as your ad headline.

By using keyword macros, adverts will appear to be more relevant to the end user, thus resulting in a better click-through rate.

Make use of Small Ad Groups: Small Ad Groups with similarly relevant keywords and ad copy will usually result in a high click-through rate.

Rambauskas says that keyword lists should have “tightly common themes” and that the main keywords of that theme should be included in the ad body.

Disable adverts that aren’t performing well: Although you might wish to test ad variations, if an ad is activated and you see it’s not performing, disable it “before it throws your entire campaign off.”

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