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Meet Stuart Whitehouse, Online Video Marketing Expert

Say hello to our new video marketing whizz, Stuart Whitehouse… If you want to get started with online video marketing, or integrate video into your existing marketing strategy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Stuart Whitehouse is ClickThrough Marketing’s video production and marketing expert. He has 13 years’ videography experience, and was previously head…

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SEO News Roundup: Google Announces Mobile Ranking ‘Algorithm’; Flags Slow, Mobile-Unfriendly Sites

It’s official. Google has finally announced its ‘mobile usability algorithm’, as Tom Williams reports. Read on for the full story, plus Google’s new ‘Slow’ site labels, insights on rich answers, and more SEO news from the last week. Is Your Site Mobile Friendly? Google Mobile Ranking Factors Roll Out in April As of April 21,…

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Social Media News Roundup: Facebook Advertising Comes of Age

Welcome to our latest social media marketing news roundup. Read on for a flurry of Facebook advertising news, Hindi hashtags, the future of Google+, and a way to psychoanalyse yourself (through Twitter). 2 Million Advertisers Are Now Active on Facebook Facebook has announced it now has two million advertisers actively using its platform. In a…

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Link Audits: A Guide to Google’s Link Scheme Quality Guidelines

Confused about link schemes and Google link penalties? We’ve created this quick guide to Google’s link scheme quality guidelines to help you make sense of the sometimes-confusing world of link spam. Scroll down for a quick-reference table. What is a ‘Link Scheme?’ Google considers any links that are deliberately gained in an attempt to pass…

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SEO News Roundup: Google Bugs, Link Building and Glass 2

Here’s a fresh batch of search engine optimisation news, curated by Tom Williams. In the past week, Google has struggled with bugs and glitches, and given its view on link building in 2015. What’s more, we have DuckDuckGo news and some interesting rumours regarding Google Glass… Google Shows ‘Hacked’ Warning on Non-Hacked Websites Of all…

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Is Your Site ‘Mobile-Friendly’ According To Google?

All marketers know the importance of providing website experiences which support mobile devices given the growth in use of smartphones and tablets. Many consumer sites now receive more than half of their visits from mobile sites. For example, John Lewis announced that it had passed this ‘tipping point’ last year. Given this, most sites which…

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SEO News Roundup: ‘How to Join Islamic State’ Autosuggestion Remains, Despite Google Censorship

In our roundup of the week’s biggest SEO news stories, Tom Williams discovers that Google’s efforts to censor ISIS-related searches has not extended to ‘Islamic State’. Elsewhere, we examine evidence that Google’s ‘mystery update’ may be e-Commerce related, the lack of ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ cards for Penguin and Panda, and more… Google Self-Censors…

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Social Media News Roundup: Twitter and Pinterest Race to Bolster Paid Promotion

Twitter and Pinterest are racing to improve their paid advertising services, writes Amy Dugmore, with a raft of news and rumours emerging this week concerning the platforms’ efforts to monetise themselves. Facebook, meanwhile, has been focussing on altogether more serious matters… Twitter’s Quick Promote Promises Easier Advertising for SMEs Twitter has launched Quick Promote, a…

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6 Quotes to Inspire Your Content Marketing Efforts

Struggling to find inspiration for your content marketing strategy? Oliver Pyper has gathered six motivational quotes to inspire your thinking. This post is adapted from our free eBook: Editorial Calendars for Content Marketing. Get your copy here. Let’s make that seven quotes. Here’s one from Internet pioneer Doug Engelbart to get us started: The digital…

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