Those of us in the Internet Marketing business has always said that IM is the place to spend your marketing and advertising budget, but in these times of economic change, it is becoming more and more apparent that others think so too!

US online marketing spend is estimated to rise to around $55billion by 2014 and much of that will be at the expense of traditional methods of advertising and marketing such as TV, print and direct mail. (Three cheers to the decline of that last!)

For similar amounts of money to that required to run an ad campaign through print or similar, far more can be achieved with the same budget using internet marketing strategies. Whether these are simple SEO actions, using PPC campaigns, or thinking out of the box with social media and guerrilla marketing, and whatever the size of your business, internet marketing has to be a core factor in all of your marketing and advertising thinking.

If you have any questions about how to best use your precious pennies to get results, feel free to ask here. Or if you can share your expertise with others, please do so.

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