Online marketing may have taken a huge chunk of revenue away from print advertising, but many big companies are still spending millions each year on TV adverts.

According to the New York Journal, advertising spends on American TV are due to grow 3.3% this year.

But a new study shows that even whilst watching TV, many Americans are still using the internet.

In fact, 56% of Americans said they remained online whilst watching TV, with 29% actively shopping and many others using social networking sites – allowing them to discuss plot twists, characters and events with friends in real-time.

The survey suggests that, even with the best TV advertising, many viewers’ attention will still be distracted by the internet.

This may suggest a joined-up approach between online and TV adverts could drive new customers to a website through clever online or social media marketing.

But conversely, it may signal the beginning of the end of TV advertising, in the same way print advertising has lost huge amounts of revenue year on year as the internet has gained ground on competitors.

With the advent of smaller, more portable smartphones and tablets allowing access to the internet anywhere and everywhere, traditional media is going to have to compete even harder to distract new customers’ attentions from the internet.

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