Interestingly, I was just penning a post for another blog on the subject of Rupert Murdoch etc when Seth’s latest article landed in my inbox – Rupert Murdoch has it backwards

I think Seth, and potentially many others, may have it wrong. I include myself on this as I am now re-writing my post for the other blog!

Why? Because I read this, literally seconds before Seth’s post landed, on The Register – Murdoch: Google is mortal and together we can kill it

Have some of us in the industry possibly become innured and accustomed to Google’s presence in our world? Do we fight it or argue about Google being the ‘main man’? Or have we given in? It isn’t that long (only 15 years) since I started in the industry, but there was no Google then. I don’t remember suffering to be honest.

The whole purpose of setting up an Internet Marketing business was to help companies to be found online. There were plenty of places where they could be found in the pre-Google days, but the SMEs didn’t know how to be featured in those places. For some, the costs vs rewards of internet marketing were infinitely better than now back then.And far less stressful!

Have we given Google an infinite rein to run around on like a demanding, spoilt brat? Or is it just “let the best man win” and Google are, indeed, winning?

I have just looked at the last 5 email newsletters from the industry which have landed today.  I will choose one, at random, to illustrate how deeply ingrained our reliance on Google has become.

Today’s SearchEngine Land: SearchCap, the day in search for November 23rd. First 4 stories: Google + one ad for SMX. Look further down that email, 34 mentions of Google. Just to give you a clue as to its prevalence, there are precisely half that number of instances of the word “and”.

I urge people to read the somewhat controversial, possibly, article in El Reg and then comment.  But only after you have paused for thought.

Forget you are American and so is Google, forget you earn your living from SERPs, and Google, adwords etc. First and foremost you are an internet marketer and should be using every channel and avenue for your clients.

What exactly does this alt.thinking mean to you?

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