It has been another eventful month for the search engine industry, with the three biggest players in the market dominating headlines yet again.

The biggest news in June was perhaps Yahoo! sounding the death knell for Microsoft’s repeated takeover bids by forming an alliance with Google instead.

This deal will see Yahoo! display Google ads alongside its own natural search listings and news of it came at the same time as an official Yahoo! statement declaring that talks with Microsoft had ended.

Meanwhile, both Yahoo! and Microsoft initiated attempts to expand their search reach by forming a number of toolbar agreements, while AOL revealed plans to bring its Platform-A online advertising unit to Europe.

More recently, Yahoo! pressed on with its plans to dominate the mobile advertising market with new deals in the Asia Pacific region and Google unveiled its brand new Ad Planner tool to aid the media buying process.

Research-wise, several new reports highlighted Google’s ongoing dominance of the search market, both in the US and the UK.

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