Pay-per-click (PPC) marketers have been offered advice on how to best manage their keyword strategies.

Tips collected by the Yahoo! Search Marketing blog from its customer relations department include putting low and high-volume keywords into different ad groups in order to protect against the possibility of a lower quality index score.

Marketers should also tailor their keywords and campaigns to consumers who are starting out on their online shopping experience and those who almost ready to buy an item, according to the blog.

Furthermore, it can be beneficial to think about which keywords may seem related to the business but are actually unsuitable.

Kastle Waserman, Yahoo! communications manager, said: “Consider an advertiser that sells all kinds of karaoke equipment.

“This advertiser bids on the term ‘subwoofer’ – but the reality is that most people searching for a subwoofer aren’t going to buy it from a karaoke dealer, so these may be wasted clicks.”

Earlier this month, a report from Hitwise suggested that paid search expenditure is increasing as a result of recent changes made by Google to its trademark policy allowing any organisation to bid on branded keywords.

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