Keyword tags are useful but not as vital to search engine optimisation campaigns as they used to be, according to one expert.

In an article for Search Engine Journal, Industry expert Brent Yorzinski suggests that many people are unaware of the true importance of keyword tags and suggests that people should experiment with them.

However, he states that keyword tags may not be effective for all sites and are very much dependent on search engines ever-changing attitude towards them.

"At one point in time the keywords tag had an impact on a web site’s position within the search engine results pages," he states.

He adds that this emphasis has switched and keyword tags have "little impact" on search rankings despite the fact that "when search engine first started determining the relevancy of a site they placed a larger emphasis on these tags".

However, he concludes that there is still some value to be had from keyword tags in search optimisation campaigns and suggests that the only true way to test this value is to try them out on their own site.

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