Focusing on customers’ life stages rather than data drawn from demographics can be a good way to improve internet marketing campaigns, it has been suggested.

According to Jerry Shereshewsky of, marketers should ideally look at which point of their lives customers are at and determine what all of these consumers have in common.

He told MarketingSherpa that this is method is less likely to overlook important parts of the market and gave the example of marketing to grandparents by appealing to them on the point of their grandchildren.

US grandparents spend about $50 billion (£34.3 billion) on their grandchildren every year, the expert noted.

"To focus on any particular demographic means you’re cutting out a huge section," Mr Shereshewsky went on to remark.

Potential life events that marketers could look at when compiling their campaigns include moving house, getting married, shifting to a new career, starting a pension, having children and retiring.

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