As per the previous post about finding a good PPC services team who will help teach you about running a PPC campaign rather than taking all control from you, it is interesting to note that Eric Ward – master link builder from Wordtracker – has the same belief, highlighted at the start of this recent interview.

Building inbound links (or ‘backlinks’), ie getting websites to add a link to your website, is not the black art that many make it out to be, but it takes time and it pays to be methodical in finding those that will bring the best return. Surprisingly, this is not always those sites with the highest PR or Alexa ranking.

However, in order to get worthwhile links you must have good content that others will find of value. Many websites have passionate and committed communities of loyal visitors, who will swear that xyz website is their ‘bible’ for information on that particular subject. Whatever niche you are in, your aim should be to provide similar value to your visitors. This will then show that you are a mine of information on your particular subject, which will encourage others to link to you.

Eric Ward gives some prime examples of creating valued content, and if you take a step back from your own website, you should be able to work out how to do this too in your niche.

Whatever anyone says about the importance of SEO, if you do not have the content to back up your optimisation efforts, it is likely to prove a waste of money and time. Links are still one of the first and foremost ways of bringing in highly targeted traffic and although it is a time-consuming process, it yields major dividends. And in order to get links, we are back to that old saying, “Content is king”.

Create good, high quality, relevant, unique content and others will link to you. Y c’est ca!

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