Search engine optimisation companies that are engaged in link building may be interested in advice offered by one expert on activities to avoid.

Writing for Search Engine Watch, Adam Audette explained that link building is a long term strategy that, while difficult, can have a large influence on a site's ranking if accomplished effectively.

He advises that paid links are something to be avoided as they are often lower quality and will not be as valuable as natural links

Mr Audette noted that, while it may be tempting to aim for quantity over quality when looking for short-term results, this would have a negative effect in the longer term.

"There is no easy path to valuable links," he concluded. "Like everything else on the web, securing them simply takes hard work, and it takes patience, vision, and a commitment to excellence."

Recently, it was announced by Google's Matt Cutts that the company would be making a bigger effort this year to cut down on the amount of spam content such as content farms it generated in its search results.

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