Well, plenty of others have, it seems and Facebook etc seem to be doing very little about it as it is, of course, their bread and butter.

Read more on how to earn millions on Facebook. And then take a long hard look in the mirror before you implement any of the tactics in the ways outlined.

The Clickthrough Marketing blog regularly highlights ETHICAL internet marketing techniques that work. If money is all that matters, and a short-term business model that you have to flee from as soon as the “authorities”, blogosphere, twittersphere, consumers etc suss you is your thang, well, we still won’t encourage you to pursue that route.

The fact of the matter is that if you are trying to build a successful business, and you intend to either seek an exit strategy from it or leave it to your kids, then this is not the way that business is done.

Read and learn. There are aspects of the business, as are clearly pointed out by Dennis Yu, that be applied in an ethical manner to generate sales, brand loyalty and advertising pounds. It may well be a case of getting in there before the big players work out how to do it and drive the price up beyond many people’s reach…… but you can still do it without being unable to sleep at night.

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