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Part 1 to 4 in this SEO master class series dealt with stages 1 to 5 of successful search engine optimisation (SEO). Part 5 will review stage 6 – Site Optimisation.

To summarise, the best practice approach to SEO is as follows:

Site Performance Audit
Objectives Setting
Project Plan
Keyword Analysis & Selection
Content Development
Site Structure Optimisation
Link Building
Search Engine Submission
Reporting & Analysis
Maintenance & Improvement

The main objective of this stage in the SEO process is to ensure your site is search engine friendly.

If you have submitted your site to all the engines, but your pages are still not indexed properly, this tells you that your site does not have the right technical characteristics and code structure to be indexed or spidered successfully. (note: the inclusion analysis from Stage 1 – Web Site Audit should have told you whether the search engines are spidering your site successfully.)

Typical problems can include poorly implemented content management systems, poor internal linking structure, incorrect use of frames and tables and lack of site maps. Depending on your sites specific problems you may need to consider some of the following:

  • Improving the HTML code structure of pages to ensure the most efficient spidering of your web site
  • Improving the sites internal linking structure using keywords in linking texts and site maps
  • Optimising page elements such as titles, meta keywords and descriptions and footers
  • Removing off-page factors that may be hindering inclusion
  • Eliminating spam techniques that may be in use
  • Eliminating any use of javascript, dhtml or flash/java script for internal site navigation or menus
  • Optimising images using correct use of alt text
  • Implementing search engine friendly alternatives for multimedia objects such as flash banners and java applets
  • Changing where your site is hosted. i.e. if your target market is the UK and your site is hosted in another country – this will hinder your optimisation efforts for UK engines

Our June newsletter will review Step 7 – Link Building. This SEO Master Class series is based on our 18 page ebook titled ‘How to Implement Successful SEO’. This paper is available to download from

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