When it comes to boosting conversions on site, one expert believes that keeping it simple and straightforward can yield some of the best results.

Tom Critchlow told Search Engine Land that while online marketing services will bring visitors to a site, natural language is a "powerful tool" in encouraging them to take that final step and make a purchase.

In the US, the use of more straightforward language is becoming more apparent in "Mad Lib" lead generation, contact and sign-up forms.

The fields of these forms are designed as natural sentences that ask the customer to fill in the blank, as in "I want my password to be…" or "my email address is…".

While some doubt the impact of Mad Lib forms, testing by author and Yahoo!’s chief design architect Luke Wroblewski suggests that they increase conversion rates by 25 to 40 per cent.

Elsewhere, changing the language on page – for example, switching Contact Us to Make An Appointment – can also have a powerful effect on conversions, Mr Critchlow said.

"Figure out what your users are looking for and give it to them in simple language," he added.

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