There are a number of search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques that companies are employing which simply do not work, it has been suggested.

According to Patrick Altoft of E-consultancy, business are frequently adopting tactics aimed at improving search results and that these businesses would better off spending their time talking to an SEO specialist or service provider.

Mr Altoft states that among the many ineffective tactics being touted as ways to optimise results is blog spamming, which he notes fail to work as often their content is worthless – adding that mass directory submission campaigns are also unlikely to be of use.

"Of course sometimes these techniques might give some results but the way that they are generally approached makes the chance of any ranking improvement almost zero," he claims.

However, this does little to deter some from creating signature links, link exchange requests and making bulk article submissions – which are again decried as tactics only for those without the means to deal with an SEO provider.

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