As the infrastructure globally is improved to permit services such as VOD and IPTV to actually function over your average broadband connection, as well as with mobile connectivity, we will see far more new spaces in the websphere to place our marketing efforts with creatives for the future.

However, at present this new marketplace is fragmented, with no-one leaping in to co-ordinate media buys across the segment. This is mainly because, although the figures are rising for consumption of such services as Video on Demand and mobile TV, the quality of service and availability of program choice for the end consumer is still limited. Not only because of the lack of appropriate infrastructure, but also because for many of the large media players, this is still ‘toe dipping in the water time’ as they get a handle on how to cope with Digital Rights Management issues, the overall business case, and for some, just changing the traditional mindset is proving hard.

On top of this, many consumers are still happy to just watch the odd Youtube clip, use iPlayer for watch again purposes, and rip DVDs from Limewire etc – all of which is free, though the legality of the last is highly debatable, but many consumers don’t care. The reason for not caring is undoubtedly the huge profits that the media players are seen to be making and the conscience doesn’t prick whilst companies are announcing profits, eg BSkyB.

As the media companies get the model right, and more content is added which is simple to access and good value, then the consumers will move into the space, bringing opportunities for those who wish to access that target market. The successful players in that arena will be those who have spent the interim period building up their followers, exposing their brand to a wider audience, and learning to interact and listen to their potential customers. New entrants will need to work extra hard to capture the attention of those who will by then have become accustomed to dealing with the companies and brands they have grown to like and respect during the coming 2-4 years.

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