Companies using pay per click services and looking to boost their conversion rates can make use of new tracking options being launched by Microsoft adCenter.

Writing on the adCenter Blog for Advertisers, Brendan Kitts, who manages adCenter’s Traffic Quality Programme, said marketers will now be able to specify how their conversions are counted.

They can choose to count one conversion per click, which will see subsequent conversions discounted unless they originate from a new click, preventing multiple counts from the same user coming back to the page.

Alternatively, they can choose to count one conversion per unique URL, which allows companies to synchronise adCenter’s conversion counts to their own system, or they can opt to count all conversion events.

Mr Kitts said: "Tracking conversions is one of the most important things that you can do as a marketer."

Michael Stearns, co-founder of web hosting company Datahost, shares a similar view. In a recent article for Practical eCommerce, he said that using conversion tracking tools is essential to determine the success of internet marketing campaigns.

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