After this week’s Google Searchology, (follow it on #searchology09 on Twitter), there seems to be quite a lot to take in about what all the new developments will mean for the internet marketing industry, as well as those who need to be successful on the search engines eg businesses.

There are some clearly funky things coming out of Google soon, and plenty of places to read about it all, but as ever, Danny Sullivan’s Liveblogging makes good reading.

For those who cannot spell, the search engines have all been working for several years on ways of leading people to the result they wish for. “Spellmeleon” is an addition to the ‘did you mean’ suggestions and it seems as though the semantic web may yet come in some form, attempting to understand exactly what a searcher may be looking for. There are drawbacks to this, as many of us have noticed, in that Google can make assumptions and then refuse to back down when you try to convince the search box that that really is NOT what you are looking for at all, but it can only improve.

The move towards offering multimedia answers to search queries has been a long time coming, but is reliant on a massive improvement in infrastructure to deliver video, audio etc to those still struggling on dial up. We are seeing the focus on this in the UK slowly coming to bear with the production of the Digital Britain report, but it is unikely that every internet searcher will be able to enjoy video search results for a long time to come until high capacity broadband infrastructure is in place.

The mobile search arena is possibly the most exciting, and everyone involved in marketing or even just business needs to get their hands on the latest in smartphones and understand what they are capable of, and then you will really benefit.

The official Google blog from searchology should be required reading for all, so off I go to read all the different links from Searchengineland’s searchology page. You should too!

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