Once again, we are seeing a deeper use of social signals to affect user generated content; this time on Facebook comments via the plug-in.

This has an impact on business Facebook pages, and any company with a Facebook page should look to implementing this feature, if only to ensure that spam comments are hidden from view.

However, the plug-in has additional features such as being able to moderate comments and ban users from a new dashboard. Also, comments can be more widely disseminated through newsfeeds, which should act as a continual traffic magnet each time a user posts a comment, with comments being added to your Page even if made in the Newsfeed.

There is a further layer of syncing that can be carried across your whole site onto the front page. Separate and unique discussions can now take place as a Page, meaning that you can create a comment as a stand-alone page – anyone who Likes the page can then comment on it.

Perhaps the most nifty addition is the ability to log in using alternative methods to the Facebook log in, thus ending the ‘walled garden’ aspect of Facebook which forced users to create an account, or miss out on the content.

All in all, this is likely to be of positive benefit to businesses with a Facebook presence, so ask your Internet marketing agency about this new feature today.

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