Rob Stoubos, SEO Manager at ClickThrough, shares the lowdown on the new Facebook fan page layout changes.

Facebook are looking to roll out a new Fan Page layout which will mean that Fan Pages have a change of layout very similar to that of Facebook Profile pages.

Overall we feel this is a positive change which will mean pages are more streamlined with both Page owners and fans encouraged to interact even more with Fan Pages.

We’re summarised the changes below:

Summary of New Facebook Layout updates:

  • Layout changes to align Facebook page look-and-feel closely to profile pages.
  • Facebook pages will now show a line of photos at the top of their main wall the same as profile pages.
  • The tab navigation area is now on the left-hand column of the page instead of the top.
  • Posts that are displayed on the wall will be filtered through an algorithmic process similar to the ‘Top News’ section on user profiles.

Summary of New Facebook Page Features:

  • You can login directly to your page, this means you can browse other pages, leave comments and interact as your page.
  • The “Use Facebook as Page” option means you will receive in-site notifications whenever someone likes your page, comments on a post on your page, posts to your page.
  • The notifications show up in the upper-left corner of the site, just like they do with a normal Facebook account.
  • You can opt to receive email notifications to let you know about any new activity on your page.
How we have utilised the new Facebook fan page design on Roman Originals' Facebook shop.
How we have utilised the new Facebook fan page design on Roman Originals’ Facebook shop.

So, what are our tips for making the most of this new layout?

ClickThrough Marketing Tips for the New Facebook Page Layout:

  • Consider creating a promotional image banner using the 5 images across the top-middle of the page.
  • If you have been using a long image as your primary page image, consider shortening the length this will bring your tab navigation higher.
  • Consider using a landing page tab during March to inform all your current fans of the change of layout and that they can still browse through your tabs which are now situated on the left.
  • Consider using an instructional video to show people how to navigate the new layout on your Fan Page.
  • Make sure that any tab images you had which were 520pixels wide are now 500 pixels wide (main tab area is narrower, adverts have now been widened).

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