Another search engine has been launched this week to much fanfare – Wolfram Alpha. You will not need to suddenly rush out and optimise your websites for this search engine though in the majority of cases.

Wolfram Alpha’s main aim appears to be available “definitive answers to factual questions”. Whilst it can already provide information about population, stocks, mathematical queries and so on, W|A is unlikely ever to compete with the likes of Google over which retail outlet sells the cheapest trainers near you.

W|A should become a very useful, nay, essential, resource for Internet marketers as it provides cold, hard facts and data to back up theories and suppositions, as well as research. For instance, when trying to decide which country might be best for a campaign promoting a particular product, you are likely to be able to find the information about your target demographic within W|A. W|A appears to have accessed much of the ‘invisible web’ – those really useful facts and figures which often remain hidden inside government departments, research departments, or databases.

It has only just launched but it would seem that it this ‘fact engine’ is unlikely to go away, like Cuil did, simply because of the quantity and quality of data already stored, and being collected and collated. Keep an eye on it and remember it when you need FACTS.

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