Once upon a time, and sadly still, in many SEO eyes, off page optimisation was one of the two keys to online success. Off-page optimisation includes link marketing campaigns, article marketing, posting to forums and blogs, video content, podcasts, joint ventures, syndicated content, and so on.

What we have seen is a dramatic change in the effect these strategies have in driving  traffic to your site, building brand awareness, quick wins and so on, as the emphasis moves to social marketing, and the search engines fail to keep up with this stream of ever-changing data.

We have seen companies forbid even their marketing teams from using Facebook and Twitter and so on; yet by doing so, they are removing themselves from the social web, with its amazing capacity for fast-moving, viral campaigns, that can not only result in bottom line results eg a boost in sales, reduced marketing expenses and so on, but also in long-term brand building that can bring results for years to come.

A satisfied customer will use word of mouse to pass on to friends, family and followers the great deal, fab customer service, friendly staff, even the free cup of coffee your business has just supplied. A grumpy customer may well do untold damage to reputation just with one tweet that is RTd multiple times by other also dissatisfied customers.

Anyone who dismisses social tools, such as Twitter and the many newly born apps that have come from that and other social applications, is going to find themselves with a historically useful skillset, which no longer delivers results. Off page optimisation will not die, because it willalways be the foundation of the archive that creates the majority of search engine indexes. But even those are going to have to change to adapt to this fast-paced world of real time information we now live in.

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